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FAQ’s on Homeopathy




1. Is it true that Homeopathic medicines are only placebos (sugar pills)?

 The globules used for dispensing Homeopathic medicines are made from sugar but they work only as vehicles. Actual medicines of homoeopathy are prepared from various natural medicinal substances using various vehicles, which are poured over the globules and dispensed as medications. Sometimes Homeopathic medicines are also dispensed in liquid form which can be administered by diluting them in water.

 2. Does the Homeopath give the same white pills for all illnesses/patients?

 As specified in earlier answer, white globules which are given by a homeopath are neutral vehicles for actual medicines that is poured over them.

 3. Does one have to take the medicines for a long time?

 Well it is not true for all. The time duration for which one has to continue taking homoeopathic medicines, depends upon the nature of the disease. Once the patient starts improving slowly a homoeopath will take patient off the medicines and eventually there will be a state when a person will be capable enough by his own immunity to fight and resist the disease within.

  4. Does homeopathy take a long time to act?

 It is an absolute myth. Homoeopathy has a very quick action sometimes in seconds.

 In fact if selected medicine is selected cautiously and complaint is of recent origin, there are instances when patient got off the treatment within a few days only. We can say, contrary to popular belief that, in acute problems homoeopathic medicines act fast even more than any other method of treatment. For e.g. a patient named Mr. “A” is suffering from acute episode of headache, if given homoeopathy his headache will be relived within minutes. Although if the headache is chronic, that patient might need some other homoeopathic medicines best suitable to his actual disease, for little longer period of time but for that current episode he will be relived.

5. Why detailed history?

Detailed history is very essential as homeopathy believes in treating the individual and not the disease. So the physician needs to know the individual and not about his disease. Also the chronic diseases are due to suppression of skin affections or emotions; hence detailed history will reveal whether any past ailments suppressed has lead to the present complaints.

Every incidence affects our life, so it is very important to know all the incidences and its impact it had on the patients. Hence a detailed history right from the childhood till date is needed to find the right medicine which suits the patient. If you co-operate and give honest and detailed history we can help you to achieve better and healthy life.